Novation Launchpad Mini MKII

245.00 KM

Novation Launchpad Mini MKII pruža sve funkcionalnosti i fleksibilnosti izvornog Launchpada, ali u manjem i kompaktnom kontroleru. 64 pada osjetljivih na dodir u 3 boje i 16 programibilnih tipki, Launchpad Mini MK II je savršen dodatak Abletonu (Ableton live Lite uključen). Također je odličan izbor za kontrolu ostalih glazbenih softvera, kao što je i Novation Launchpad App za iPad.

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The Novation Launchpad Mini pad controller condenses all of the functionality and flexibility of the original Launchpad down into a portable package that’s small enough you can comfortably take it anywhere. With 64 touch-sensitive, tri-color performance pads and 16 programmable buttons, the Launchpad Mini is the perfect addition to your Ableton rig (Ableton Live Lite is included), allowing you to trigger loops and access all kinds of parameters or the fly. It’s also a great match for other music software as well, including Novation’s Launchpad App for the iPad. Take it from Sweetwater – however you put it to work, you’ll get tons of use out of your Novation Launchpad Mini.

  • An even more portable version of the acclaimed Launchpad controller
  • Perfect for mobile performance rigs and tight studio spaces alike
  • 64 performance pads provide ample triggers for drums, samples, instruments, and more
  • 16 programmable soft buttons let you set up the additional control you need
  • Total integration with Ableton Live and Novation’s Launchpad iOS app
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows computers
  • Works with iPad models via Apple Camera Connection Kit
  • Bundled software includes:
    • Ableton Live Lite
    • Novation Bass Station virtual instrument
    • 1GB of samples